Interning provides benefits beyond compensation

By Heather Nelson

7 a.m. my alarm jolted me awake. I wiped my eyes and glanced at the clock beside my bed to double-check the time. Yep, it was 7 a.m. I rolled myself out of the bed and proceeded with my day: daily prayer, a couple cups of coffee, scheduled interviews, wrote an article…

All this seemed to be a normal day in the life of an intern. I hardly moved — I was hard at work on another story.

Within an hour, I posted the story online and emailed my boss to let her know of my progress.

Then, my day changed for the better. I received a text from a friend I made while working on an assignment. He said he read my article in the paper. At this, I was surprised. Last week, I spoke with my boss about the process for printing my assignments. She said that if space was available and my writing was superb, I may have a chance to appear in the paper.

Basically, at this point I never dreamed of being a published (print) journalist. Woah.

Then, I received the email from my boss. It was something along the lines of  “your flag article appeared in the paper… I think the medallion one as well. Make sure to pick them up!”

I was surprised. Two articles in Monday’s paper? No…

How could this get better? The next email from my boss:

“Oh, and one more cool thing, the Associated Press picked up your flag story, too. They basically paraphrase and condense it a lot, but it means that any newspaper or other Associated Press subscriber can print it. It’s kind of cool in that if you wait a few days and Google the story, you may find it was printed all over the nation. I always love when this happens to me.”


I never imagined to love this internship as much as I do. I have learned so much from my boss, from my sources, from my co-workers.

The motivation and confidence-boost I received today was unbelievable. I am so thankful to be able to do what I do. There is nothing better than sharing people’s stories.

In light of my motivation, I bought the domain name for this website and updated/organized the site. I hope this makes it more enjoyable for you to read and follow my work.

As they say, a little encouragement goes a long way. And that’s all I needed today.

Under the “News” section, you will find all my work from my semester in J415. Under “The Rookie” tab, you will find links to all the stories I write this summer as an intern at the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

**Coming soon** I will be adding a tab for the past work I have done including J304 and for the Odyssey.

Again, thanks for your continued support.

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