Hi! My name is Heather Nelson, and I’m a May 2015 graduate from the University of Kansas. I earned my Bachelor of Science in journalism with an emphasis in news and information. I also minored in history because it’s hard to tame my inner-nerd. (I even joined a history honor society, Phi Alpha Theta.)

I dreamt of dodging foul balls and stealing Erin Andrews’ job, but I’ve decided to hide behind my writing instead. I’d much rather steal Bill Simmons’ job. Currently, I freelance write for The Sports Post. I’ve written opinion pieces on a range of topics including A-Rod and the English Premier League. Someday, I hope to write feature stories/columns for a major media outlet. IMG_0572

In my free time I enjoy watching sports with my dad and collecting sports “junk.” Other things I enjoy: Twitter, wine, podcasts, and Netflix. I’m a Cornhusker native, who opted to stay in the Big 12 (at Kansas). Someday I hope to live unchained from my student loans, explore the world, and own a Golden Retriever. (Oh, and own season tickets for Red Sox games.)

Throughout college, I interned at a few different media outlets. Check out my resume to see more about my previous journalism work.

Find me on social media: @heathrnelson; @_heathrnelson; Linkedin

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