I wanted to die. I didn’t know my purpose, my reason for living. I felt stuck.  I lived a double-life; one side of myself, the darker side, was kept secret. I didn’t want anyone to know how miserable I was feeling. And I certainly didn’t want to ask for help.

IMG_2729 I finally surrendered. I decided the things I wanted most in life: finding ways to help others and to challenge myself. I made changes; I started working at a child care center, attending therapy, and incorporating fitness into my routine.

During that time, I began looking for forms of inspiration and ideas to hold myself accountable. I found Tone It Up, a fitness community for women that promotes an active lifestyle and nourishing the body with proper nutrients. Through that community, I discovered the power of exercise. The power of believing in myself, and in turn, inspiring others, too. Social media connected me to new forms of exercise, approaches to eating and loving my whole self.


My journey to living a well-rounded, healthy life didn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that will continue for the rest of my life. I must choose to love myself, to nourish my mind, body and soul, and to challenge my old ways of thinking. Then, I will be truly a healthy me.

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